Three Tips For Buying Safe Sex Toys

With the pandemic still raging, it's safer to stay home rather than risk exposure going out to meet with partners. That doesn't mean you have to ignore your sexual needs. Sex toys can help you relieve stress and frustration in the privacy of your home, but it's important to pick ones that are safe to use. Here are three tips for getting fun but safe toys for your personal pleasure.

Avoid the Phthalates

Phthalates are a type of chemical added to plastics to make them soft. It is often used on sex toys to make them more comfortable to use on sensitive genitals. The problem is that there's evidence that phthalates are toxic to the human body and can cause medical problems to develop if used too frequently.

For instance, researchers have found there is an increased risk of developing type-2 diabetes when exposed to even a small amount of this substance. Another study showed phthalates may mimic the hormone estrogen, which could throw off the body's balance and hurt the kidneys and liver.

Unfortunately, sex toy manufacturers are not required to state whether their products contain this chemical, so you'll need to do a bit of sleuthing to find the ones that don't. Start by looking for toys that are labeled phthalate-free, and read reviews of those products to ensure the claims are legit. Most customers will report their experience with a product, which can help you verify the sex toy doesn't have this chemical.

Another option is to avoid toys made from jelly, vinyl, or PVC, all of which typically contain phthalates. Instead, choose toys made from glass or silicon. Although they tend to be a bit more expensive than toys made from plastic, you can be certain they don't contain phthalates.

Lastly, if you do order a plastic-based toy, do an inspection before using it to determine if it was made using phthalates. This chemical gives off a distinctive gassy smell similar to the scent given off by new tennis shoes and new cars. If the toy gives off a strong odor, you can be certain it was made using phthalates and should send it back for something else.

Go for Non-Porous Materials

When shopping for sex toys, you should also get ones made from a non-porous material. The more pores a toy has, the more absorbent it is. This is problematic because that means the toy will soak in smells and liquids that may be hard to scrub away. Even after a thorough cleaning, bacteria and other microorganisms may remain trapped in the pores, which can result in disease and other problems down the road.

Glass toys are best in this area since glass doesn't have any pores. Silicon is also good because its pores are too tiny to penetrate. However, you can still purchase toys made from other types of materials, but you may need to take special precautions when cleaning and sanitizing them.

For example, some skin-like toys are made from a special type of rubber that should be dusted with cornflower to help absorb moisture and prevent sweating.

Be sure to read the instructions on how best to care for your toy and invest in any special cleaning products required to keep them sanitized and safe for use.

Start Small

You may be tempted to go for big toys, especially if they're associated with a particular adult actor or actress you like. However, it's best to start off small, particularly if you're not used to using sex toys. The genitals are delicate, and you can easily injure yourself by inserting something that your private parts haven't been properly prepared for.

Once you become acclimated to the toy, you can always go back and get something larger to play with.

For more tips on choosing sex toys, visit an adult sex toy shop online or near you.